AC Motor Generators From Reputable U.S. Manufacturer Explained Online


U.S.-based ARC Systems Inc. presents information online about its ability to design and build custom AC motor generators for the military and aerospace sectors.

ARC Systems, Inc. of Hauppauge, NY, attracts industrial companies that desire a U.S.-based source of high-quality AC motor generators. The ISO 9001:2015/AS9100D certified manufacturer publishes detailed online resources that allow engineers in the military and aerospace sectors to examine the company’s customization and production capabilities. Customers may send through a request for quote online or contact a company representative about customization.


Sourcing AC motor generators from a skilled design and manufacturing team is highly important due the level of precision demanded from these motors. They are the essential component within closed-loop feedback control systems. The motors monitor inputs from sensors and activate when equipment corrections are needed. AC motor generators convert energy efficiently. Motors can be built to operate at any level from 60 Hz to 400 Hz. Output torque rises in proportion to the amount of applied control voltage.

ARC Systems maintains the highest production standards and used the best materials. Team members work within a strong culture focused on problem solving. They continually update their knowledge of complex actuation systems. They are fully prepared to work with customers who need motion control solutions to exact specifications. Their experience encompasses the building of all types of AC rotors, AC servo motors, and stator assemblies. Materials used by the company include high-energy magnetic materials able to fulfill the most demanding performance requirements and Class H insulation.

Customers can turn to ARC Systems for any type of AC motor generator. The company produces motors that are electrically compensated, have high-resistance squirrel cages, and high-temperature wiring. Electrically compensated and drag cup motors are well within their capabilities.

The multimedia online resources from ARC Systems include an inventory of standard AC motor generators and an explainer video. Visitors who do not immediately see what they need can contact the company. ARC Systems already possesses over 1,000 commercial motor designs, including ones for military and aerospace applications.

ARC Systems has been making motion control systems since 1967 and has a strong reputation for customer service and product quality.

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