Aerospace Switch Manufacturings’ New Video Library Presents Facts And Information


Sourcing aerospace switches can be a time-consuming process. New video resources from Select Controls, Inc. provide fast answers about what switches do and how they are made.

A new video resource library from Select Controls, Inc. of Bohemia, NY, introduces aerospace and military manufacturers and maintenance specialists to the company’s aerospace switches. These parts include acceleration switches, disturbance switches, and tilt switches that function as sensors and automation devices. The series of six videos found on Answerhop answer questions about sourcing high-performance aerospace switches for civilian or military aircraft and other aerospace applications.


Presented in question-and-answer format, the video guides cover uses for switches, materials, and customization options. Additionally, the videos explain the rigorous manufacturing processes necessary to produce reliable aerospace switches.

Content of the video guides dives into the critical subject of material quality. Nickel and gold plating are essential for consistent and accurate switch performance. The materials used by Select Controls, Inc. meet military specifications. Thoroughly sealed housings surround connectors to halt the intrusion of contaminants that could impact conductivity or cause corrosion. High-grade materials and well-conceived designs result in switches that endure extreme changes in temperature alongside rapid shifts in altitude.

The videos further explore the various applications that require aerospace switches. Aircraft parts that activate emergency alerts or signal beacons present two examples. Additionally, cockpit recorders need switches.

Select Controls, Inc. intends the video resources for use by aerospace and military contractors that need to assess quickly whether the company can meet their needs. As an aerospace switch manufacturer, the company can both design switches and produce them for jet aircraft, helicopters, and spacecraft. Select Controls, Inc. has the resources to follow strict specifications outlined by customers who must obtain parts that can withstand the most demanding operational environments.

Original equipment manufacturers and aerospace maintenance companies in need of standard or custom switches may review the video materials to gain a better understanding of the manufacturer’s capabilities. The video library highlights the company’s readiness to receive requests for proposals that include custom specifications.

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