These High-Performance Brushless DC Motors Solve Common Industrial Challenges


U.S.-based electric motor manufacturer rises to meet increased demand for reliable and efficient motion control devices that meet special and custom performance requirements.

Today, electric motors are increasingly in-demand across all industries. Electric-powered motion control is vital to the development of many automated systems and more efficient, sustainably-powered equipment. Much of this equipment requires brushless DC motors, which are a standard in all types of machinery, from hand tools and washing machines to electric cars and small aircraft.


Identifying a suitable brushless motor design and supplier is vital to the success of any application. In some cases, commercial, off-the-shelf options are adequate. But when such motors fall short in terms of performance, longevity, and long-term value, one brushless DC motor manufacturer has set itself apart as a solutions provider.

ARC Systems Inc. is a domestic motion control and electronic motor manufacturer that designs, develops, and builds motors for specialty and high-performance applications. This includes aerospace BLDC motors and similar devices that are used for standard and custom settings on aircraft. The New York-based manufacturer also has decades of experience serving the needs of the U.S military with mil-spec motors and generators that perform in some of the most extreme and demanding conditions.

Currently, ARC Systems electric motor engineering and building capabilities have become more in-demand than ever. A rising need for highly efficient and reliable brushless DC motors has been fueled by widespread utilization of automated systems in traditional settings, such as manufacturing and heavy industry, as well as in more advanced medical and commercial technologies.

Although many requirements have changed, the principles behind exceptional brushless motors have remained consistent. ARC Systems has remained a reliable source for these and other devices because of an expert in-house engineering team, use of materials that foster resilience and longevity, and manufacturing experience that can’t be imitated.

ARC Systems has continued to broaden its offerings to meet the needs of OEMs and professionals who are looking for complete and frameless BLDC motors, as well as maintenance and repair specialists who need to replace standard motors with devices that deliver a higher capability performance in a conventional setting. Customers can also find brushless DC and AC motor assemblies, windings, stator cores, and other parts that can be customized to non-standard requirements.

To streamline the process of getting an AC or DC motor, ARC Systems provides comprehensive details on motor types, parameters, and related services through their website. They’ve also made it easy to submit device specifications to get a quick quote. Customers can also get personalized guidance on the motor selection process.

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