Electric Motor Manufacturer Promotes Custom Capabilities


Companies with unique applications for electric motors can explore the customization capabilities of a U.S.-based electric motor manufacturer through its online information portal.

ARC Systems Inc. of Hauppauge, NY, has built a portal to in-depth information about electric motors and electric motion control systems on its home page. ARC Systems is an electric motor manufacturer capable of delivering custom motors and parts built to precise specifications as well as off-the-shelf solutions. For over four decades, the defense, aerospace, food, building maintenance, oil production, and medical sectors have turned to the company for high-quality specialty products at competitive prices.


From the home page, industrial customers can immediately access information about all of the product segments available from the electric motor manufacturer. Essentially, the website works as an information-rich online guide for brushless motors, induction motors, replacement electric motors, and AC servo motors. Additionally, visitors can research AC motor generators, winding assemblies, rotor castings, and potted coils.

ARC Systems also builds low-RPM, high-torque motors that warehouses, manufacturing plants, and commercial buildings need. This type of motor moves heavy loads at low speeds and is used to operate lifts, gates, presses, and doors.

Manufacturing and maintenance professionals researching electric motion control solutions will find ARC Systems accommodating of special requests. The company’s engineering team frequently works with customers that need motors or replacement parts designed for unique applications.

ARC Systems was originally formed to support the aviation industry and to this day supplies custom aviation motors. Due to the demands that aviation motors must withstand to function reliably, this central focus of the company has given it the internal resources to produce precision motors for almost any industry.

The electric motor manufacturer follows a philosophy of self-reliance. This means that it aims at all times to run a factory that can make the parts that it needs to produce finished goods. As a result, the company has fully matured into a facility that can fabricate finely detailed items.

ARC Systems can assist with designing electric motors for end uses under development by other manufacturers. Industrial companies and the military that want to optimize their motion control components, may study the robust resources of this electric motor manufacturer at https://www.arcsystemsinc.com

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