ARC Systems Inc. Marks 46th Year From Machine Shop To Precision Motor Manufacturer

In 1967, Arthur Miller and his two sons saw an opportunity to meet the demands of new markets. Nearly fifty years on, this exceptional electric motor manufacturer shares the story of how it became a leading solutions provider for aerospace, oilfield, and niche applications.

Many companies know the name ARC Systems Inc. for electronic motion control solutions. The manufacturer is a trusted resource for aerospace, military, medical, oilfield, and other industrial sectors, and has been for decades. Nearly fifty years ago, ARC Systems began a consequential shift from one market to another. On the 46th anniversary of its incorporation, ARC Systems is sharing the story of how its starting capabilities evolved and how it came to be an exceptional provider of high-precision motors and related electronic devices.

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In 1967, entrepreneur Arthur Miller acquired Transatlantic Machinery, a Mineola, NY-based machine shop operating with just ten employees. While the shop was successfully producing components to meet the needs of various industries, Mr. Miller, along with his sons, Robert and Clifford, saw the potential for growth and the necessity to stay competitive in industrial markets.

On March 9th, 1967, the Millers officially incorporated ARC Systems Inc.—combining the first initial of each of its new owners—and began to branch out by manufacturing electric motors and other motion control solutions. The new company managed to not only adapt but thrive in the years and decades following this transition.

Gaining a foothold by serving the freight elevator industry and providing a growing selection of motion control products soon enabled ARC Systems Inc. to obtain government contacts. Excelling in these new opportunities led to a reputation as a reliable and innovative aerospace and oilfield electronic motor manufacturer. The company quickly became a significant contender in the global market for electric motors and began producing parts used in Boeing and Airbus aircraft, as well as in numerous defense equipment for the U.S. military.

In the process of matching its capabilities to the needs of specific niches, ARC Systems Inc. has been recognized as a standout provider of more specialized components. Exceptional stator manufacturing has been a significant contributor to its reputation for reliable solutions. Some of its own competitors have turned to ARC Systems for stators, which is a testament to the manufacturer’s unique expertise.

Over the decades since its incorporation, ARC Systems has more than doubled the number of its employees and continues to meet uniquely challenging application requirements. Its team consists of many employees who have been with the company for forty years or longer. Their skills and talents, and the company’s prudent approach to fulfillment, have been integral to its stability and success.

Reflecting on the journey over the last 46 years, ARC Systems’ president and owner, Robert J. Miller expressed, “Through quality and customer service we have grown and continue to grow every year.”

ARC Systems Inc. aims to build on its longtime commitment to its customers, including those in the aerospace industry and oilfield and petroleum industry, which has become one of its priority markets. The company has also been perfecting electric drive solutions for niche applications.

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ARC Systems, Inc . has been serving the needs of the aerospace industry as a dependable source for high-precision motors and A.C. components. To meet the needs of this demanding market, ARC Systems has developed a unique team philosophy: to be a fully integrated, completely self-sufficient US facility. The manufacturer designs, customizes, and produces high-quality precision motors and components to meet defense, aerospace, industrial, and other requirements.