A Replacement Electric Motor Solution Keeps Infrastructure In Motion


When electric motors are needed to urgently repair essential systems like elevators, maintenance professionals face many challenges. This domestic manufacturer offers a solution.

A common trend in electric motors has amounted to some notable challenges for professionals who maintain vital equipment, such as elevators, lifts, electronic gates, and other systems that perform essential functions. Powerful motion control devices are needed to make these systems operational, And when they fail, it’s a major disruption until they can be repaired.


While the need to acquire an industrial lift drive or freight elevator replacement motor is typically urgent, the fulfillment isn’t always comparable. Getting a replacement electric motor directly from the manufacturer can be surprisingly challenging. Many major manufacturers will not ship single units or even small quantities to maintenance and repair specialists. Instead, they prefer to sell large quantities to authorized distributors. And while maintenance specialists can source pump, crane, and gate elevator replacements from these distributors, same-day shipping is costly and they are ultimately dealing with the same mass-produced, limited-life motor that will need replacement within a few years.

Precision and high-performance electric motor manufacturer, ARC Systems Inc. has found a way to alleviate these difficulties. Although they specialize in the design and production of motors used in many specialty applications, they also maintain a stock of standard elevator replacement motors that surpass the longevity and reliability of commercial, off-the-shelf motors.

ARC System Inc. has created lift and gate elevator replacement motors that have a superior quality design and materials that foster reliability and longevity. These motion control devices are made to the same operational standards as high-performance motors, but they fit seamlessly with standard-duty industrial and infrastructure settings, including lifts, hoists, and freight elevator drive systems. This means they last much longer and do not need to be replaced or serviced as frequently as mass-produced electric motors.

In addition to reducing the need for replacement, ARC Systems’ elevator motors are available for urgent shipment. This means that critical systems can be restored fast. As a domestic manufacturer, with in-house production and engineering, ARC Systems Inc. is a unique and valuable asset for more than just OEMs. Maintenance and repair professionals now recognize them as a source for superior quality, high-value devices that meet urgent needs.

ARC Systems has set itself apart from other electric motor manufacturers by fitting its capabilities around the requirements of its customers. For decades, they’ve made their mark by solving problems for all types of industries, including aerospace and defense customers, as well as those in medical, commercial, manufacturing, and infrastructure.

More information and details on specific motor types, parameters, and other specifics are available at: https://www.arcsystemsinc.com/electric-motors/116/Replacement.html

Visitors can also submit their requirements to get a quote and expert guidance on replacement electric motors and related devices.

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