Induction Motors And Custom Options Explained In New Online Resource Guide


Three-phase, AC, and 400 HZ induction motors are available in standard models from a U.S.-based manufacturer that also welcomes custom requests for proposal.

Specialists tasked with sourcing induction motors for the manufacturing, defense, aerospace, or maintenance sectors can research their options at an online resource page. Produced by ARC Systems Inc. of Hauppauge, NY, the video presentation and other content in the guide introduce the different types of inductions motors.


Three-phase, AC, and 400 HZ represent the primary categories of induction motors. A three-phase induction motor has a stator that moves through three phases on a winding assembly displaced by 120 degrees. They can include a thermal protection feature that guards the equipment against high temperatures or excess electrical current.

According to the online resource page, an AC induction motor also goes by the name asynchronous motor. An outer stator within an AC motor forms a magnetic field that makes it possible for the inner rotor to deliver torque.

The aerospace and defense industries often need 400 HZ motors due to their precision and endurance. These induction motors withstand the high temperatures and moisture that aircraft must often endure during operation. Additionally, a 400 HZ motor can remain dependable at high altitudes and when subjected to prolonged vibration.

Industries with different end uses for induction motors have a range of options to choose from. Induction motors may have copper or aluminum rotors or run at 400 or 60 cycles. The horsepower of different motors may be less than 1 HP or up to 2 HP or 3 HP.

Frameless induction motors are available when companies prefer to make their own housing or motor frames. A frameless motor kit will supply a user with the stator and rotor assemblies, rotor castings, shaft, and other parts.

Organizations that need induction motors with specific features may look to domestic manufacturers for help with customization. Collaborating with a team of motor manufacturing professionals can allow a manufacturer or maintenance company to obtain the precise motor function that they desire to solve problems and produce reliable products.

ARC Systems Inc., an AS9100D/ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer, has published additional information about standard and customized induction motors at

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