Nylon Washers In Searchable Online Catalog Connect U.S. Inventory To Customers


Industrial professionals in the electronic or plumbing sectors in need of nylon washers may browse the full U.S. inventory online or contact Superior Washer & Gasket Corp.

As the industrial sector enters an era of supply chain troubles and unpredictability, Superior Washer & Gasket Corp. of Hauppauge, NY, has taken steps to provide customers with a consistent supply of nylon washers and other fasteners. Online direct ordering and U.S.-based manufacturing facilities allow Superior to achieve fast fulfillment. OEMs, fastener distributors, and industrial professionals have direct online access to Superior Washer’s catalog and the ability to request proposals for custom orders.


Buyers can quickly determine if the nylon washers that they need are in stock and obtain fast price quotes from an attentive customer service team. Superior maintains an inventory of over 1 billion washers and 370,000 special size parts. Two production facilities within the United States enable Superior to replenish inventories rapidly as stock ships to customers.

The company employs skilled machinists operating over 100 power presses. Superior Washer & Gasket is certified as an ISO-9001 manufacturer and has the in-house expertise to ensure strict compliance with quality standards. Since 1972, the company has continually improved operational systems to provide customers with nylon washers and other fasteners of uniform size that perform reliably and consistently. With over 20,000 square feet of raw materials on hand at any given time, Superior Washer & Gasket Corp. is fully prepared to manufacture and ship a complete selection of nylon washers in all sizes and thicknesses.

Multiple manufacturers and builders require nylon washers for electronic devices and plumbing fixtures due to their resistance to energy, moisture, and other corrosive agents. Nylon offers a durable non-metal material for making washers that will perform properly in high-voltage environments. Nylon washers have non-sparking and anti-magnetic properties. When used within consumer electronics, appliances, or electronic equipment, they increase safety and decrease the chance of malfunctions. Nylon materials also have a great capacity for maintaining fastener integrity because they resist friction and vibration. They are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Manufacturers and maintenance specialists in need of a cost-effective washer for spacing and cushioning can investigate the properties of nylon. For more information about Superior Washer, its inventory, or custom order fulfillment, visit the company online at https://www.superiorwasher.com/washers/93/Nylon.html

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