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Specialty Bulb Co. Inc. recommends regular cleaning of projectors to ensure long life for projector bulbs. Resource guide explains how to get replacement bulbs when the time comes.

The projector bulbs resource page published by Specialty Bulb of Bohemia, NY, explains how to maintain projectors and promote maximum bulb life. As a fully authorized dealer of genuine OEM replacement projector bulbs, the company presents expert information relevant to corporate, nonprofit, and academic institutions that must protect their investments in high-grade projection equipment for conference rooms, lecture halls, and classrooms.


In addition to using the correct projector bulbs, people tasked with projector maintenance should not wait for the light to go dark before taking action. Routine cleaning of projection equipment helps to prolong the machine’s lifespan. Buildups of dust or debris within the projectors can interfere with heat venting and cause malfunctions.

Many projector models allow for users to replace the projector bulbs themselves although some equipment requires service from only authorized technicians. Sourcing new projector bulbs may at times challenge an organization because most projector lamps last for at least 2,000 hours. Specialty Bulb stocks replacement projector lamps for both DLP and LCD projectors. The company supplies UHP, P-VIP, and NSH lamps for interactive boards, conference room projectors, intelligent transportation systems, video walls, and much more for every place from sports arenas to museums.

Specialty Bulb maintains an extensive inventory of projector bulbs from all major manufacturers, such as Barco, Hitachi, Epson, Smart, and Mitsubishi. The inventory includes both complete OEM branded units and OEM lamps in external housings. Housing units contain genuine OEM bulbs from the trusted brands Philips, Osram, Ushio, and Phoenix.

The supply network developed by Specialty Bulb enables the company to source nearly every projector bulb. The team is ready to track down hard-to-find bulbs for any specific projector model.

Companies and institutions with projector equipment benefit from working with Specialty Bulb. The company’s far-reaching supply network means that customers can communicate with one point of contact when sourcing projector bulbs for multiple units. This level of service saves time and money.

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