Tilt Switches Available In High-Grade Materials According To New Resource Guide


Dedicated tilt switch manufacturers can produce custom switches for military and civilian applications. Learn more about this safety equipment at a new online resource guide.

New online resource page about tilt switches explains how engineers should compare mass producers of tilt switches to companies that specialize in custom, high-grade switches. Large volumes of standard tilt switches may be readily available from foreign producers or domestic distributors, but companies that need switches built to precise specifications from superior materials benefit from collaborating with an engineering team at an established domestic manufacturer.


The multimedia guide presented by Select Controls Inc. explains the capabilities of tilt switches. They are used in numerous products in the civilian and defense sectors. Tilt switches activate a machine response, either turning on a function or switching off a function, when equipment shifts past a preset angle. Tilt switches frequently initiate safety responses like shutting off a space heater when it tips over. Depending on the intended function for a tilt switch, its inner mechanism either opens or closes a circuit when a tilt occurs.

In the past, mercury controlled the response within a tilt switch, but modern switches contain a ball that shifts when the angle changes. Mercury-free tilt switches prevent exposure to hazardous mercury at the manufacturing and consumer level.

The resource page addresses common questions about tilt switches, such as the angles that these switches can detect. Vertically mounted tilt switches will activate to any change within 360 degrees of movement. Sensitivity of a tilt switch may be set at any angle between 5 and 45 degrees.

A reputable tilt switch manufacturer has the resources to support the goals of engineers who are working to design a new product or improve an existing piece of equipment. A knowledgeable manufacturer can produce micro, adjustable angle, planar, or unidirectional switches or develop customized switches that perform under extreme conditions, like in hot, wet, or vibrating environments. Custom switches can be made that produce complex responses to external stimulus, like acceleration or impacts.

Complete information about tilt switches is available online at https://www.select-controls.com/category/14/Tilt.html

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