Carriage Bolts Available For Direct Online Ordering In Bulk Quantities


Northeast builders have online access to the full inventory of carriage bolts at BACO Enterprises Inc. Buyers may request a quote online or call Baco directly.

Sourcing professionals from multiple industries in need of carriage bolts have direct online access to the fastener inventory of BACO Enterprises Inc. of Bronx, NY. The company partners with major fastener manufacturers and keeps a massive supply of fasteners in stock. Visitors from the railroad, construction, agriculture, electrical, or mining industries can search for carriage bolts according to size, thread, and finish. Buyers may contact the company directly for a quote.


This RFQ solution for many industries speeds the process of sourcing supplies for new construction and maintenance projects. BACO Enterprises serves the Northeast with fast shipping of all kinds of fasteners, including carriage bolts. The distributor carries Grade 5 carriage bolts that possess a tensile strength of 120,000 PSA. These bolts comply with strength and hardness standards set forth by SAE J429 and ASME B18.5 dimensional requirements.

Additionally, the company stocks stainless steel carriage bolts for builders that require a fastener resistant to corrosive outdoor conditions. Hot dipped galvanized and zinc plated carriage bolts are also available.

BACO Enterprises ensures that buyers receive high-quality stock. The company conducts in-house tests of fasteners to confirm uniformity. On top of inspections, the distributor offers its customers competitive prices enabled by its long-term business relationships with both domestic and international fastener manufacturers.

Builders choose carriage bolts for fastening metal or wood to wood. They are commonly used to build decks. The design of a carriage bolt prevents it from spinning after a nut has been tightened on its thread. A domed head on a carriage bolt covers a square neck that leads to a threaded shaft. Installation requires drilling an appropriately sized hole and inserting the bolt. A washer and nut tighten the bolt in place, and the square neck grips the hole to form a stable connection.

Website visitors who do not see the fastener that they need are encouraged to contact BACO Enterprises. The online catalog of carriage bolts is viewable at

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