Coupling Nuts Readily Available To Meet Construction Industry Demands


During uncertain global supply conditions, this domestic construction fastener provider and bolt manufacturer offers a full selection and fast order fulfillment of coupling nuts.

In the construction industry, material procurement is a major endeavor. Without the correct fasteners, hardware, and other building elements, jobs remain at a standstill. Recent supply chain issues have exasperated slowdowns across the U.S. and the rest of the globe. The effects have hit larger building materials like lumber and steel, as well as small but essential connective components like coupling nuts. That’s why there is no better time to choose a construction fastener supplier that offers a combination of service, selection, and reliability during uncertain times.


Since hex coupling nuts are used in a variety of different structural settings, fastener supplier and bolt manufacturer Baco Enterprises has taken extra steps to ensure these and other components are readily available. They maintain high-demand fasteners like 316 coupling nuts and rod coupler nuts in the quantities needed to support modern construction industry needs.

Also known as extension nuts, these fasteners make it possible to connect two threaded rods, bolts, or similar components to create a strong connection. Since they are quite versatile, they are frequently incorporated into structures large and small. Available in corrosion-resistant options, like HDG and stainless steel coupling nuts, they can be used in many environments and will resist rust and other forms of deterioration.

The process of selecting and getting a quote on these fasteners is made fast and easy for those who choose Baco Enterprises as their provider. The distributor and manufacturer has catered their capabilities to customers who are looking for a quick and simple method of getting the info they need and having their order fulfilled in a way that suits their job specs and schedule.

Baco Enterprises has earned a reputation as a stand-out provider of construction fasteners and services that accommodate busy construction industry professionals. In addition to offering a vast selection of components, they also provide essential and supporting services to companies throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions of the U.S.

More information, Baco’s complete catalog of coupling nuts and other fasteners, as well as their quick quoting feature, are all available through:

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