For New Installations In Old Concrete, Epoxy Anchors Secure Connections


Installing new connections in older materials sometimes calls for epoxy anchors. This domestic fastener supplier makes it easier for the construction industry to get the solutions they need.

In structural settings, anchors serve as a useful connection point. They make it possible to link steel building elements and fasteners directly to a concrete foundation. But for anchors to function reliably, they are best installed into concrete and other materials that are strong and free of any cracks or wear. In reality, this isn’t always avoidable. That’s where a solution like epoxy anchors comes into play.

Epoxy anchors are a special type of fastener system that combines tough metal connection components with industrial-strength epoxy resin. These elements work together to overcome issues with cracked and damaged concrete to facilitate installations that are reliable and strong. But to gain the best results from an epoxy anchor connection, it’s necessary to not only choose the right system, but to get it from a source that can be trusted to deliver the very best. Baco Enterprises Inc. is proud to be recognized as that source.

To meet the needs of the U.S.’s most active constriction corridors, Baco Enterprises provides AC 100 epoxy, A7+ epoxy anchors, HY200 epoxy anchors, and other tough acrylic-resin anchor systems. These products solve the problem of creating new fastener connection points in older and worn structural materials.

Construction industry professionals in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic face a unique combination of challenges. In addition to working with some of the nation’s oldest infrastructure, they’re operating in some of the busiest, most competitive areas. This means they need dependable fasteners and materials, and they need to know their supplier will be fully capable of fulfilling their requirements. Baco Enterprises has built its practices, inventory, and capabilities around doing so.

As a domestic fastener distributor and bolt manufacturer, they help their customers stay on schedule and within budget by providing vital services, competitive prices, and timely delivery through the north and central regions of the East coast. They’ve also made the epoxy anchor sourcing, quoting, and order processes faster and easier.

Baco Enterprises’ selection of epoxy anchors and more information on their products and capabilities are available on:

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