Flat Washers Manufactured In the U.S. Presented At Online Resource Page


Multimedia page explains the extensive capabilities of a domestic manufacturer of flat washers that can make products in standard and metric sizes.

An online resource guide explains how construction and maintenance companies searching for standard or specialty flat washers can connect with a U.S.-based supply. Superior Washer & Gasket Corp. of New York and South Carolina prepared the multimedia content within the guide to highlight domestic manufacturing capabilities and availability of many types of flat washers.


The resource page connects visitors to information about round flat, standard, metric, and odd-shaped flat washers and shims. Many kinds of fastener assemblies rely on flat washers or other spacers to distribute load and protect against bolts or screws working loose due to constant vibration or other stresses.

The information presented emphasizes that the construction and manufacturing sectors can benefit from sourcing flat washers from a domestic manufacturer. Superior Washer makes products fully compliant with ISO-9001 requirements. The company has built a large inventory of dies that enables it to promptly produce flat washers in almost any size or thickness.

Between its two facilities, Superior Washer has access to the materials necessary to fulfill orders for any standard or specialty flat washers. The company stamps washers from copper, aluminum, and stainless steel and can meet requests for any passivation. Superior Washer also uses less common materials like Inconel, Monel, and Nylatron. Platings of zinc, black ox, or cad yellow are available as well.

Superior Washer considers meeting the needs of construction and manufacturing customers with special requirements a core part of its business. A skilled staff of machinists who have access to nearly all gauges of raw materials follow a strict quality assurance program. The resources of the company include over 100 power presses, which means that it can handle orders for large quantities.

Altogether, Superior Washer has an inventory of over 370,000 different kinds of flat washers, including SAE flat washers, and other parts. As a result, orders for standard flat washers can ship domestically very quickly.

The video presentations at the resource page provide more information about the company’s commitment to supplying washers as soon as builders need them. More information can be found online at https://www.superiorwasher.com/washers/56/Flat.html

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