Manufacturer Of Flat Washers Stands Out As The Top Choice For Spacing Devices


For flat washers that meet standard to custom requirements, this domestic stamping manufacturer continues to assert its reputation as the go-to provider for OEMs and distributors.

A fastener assembly may be ubiquitous to the modern world, but without it, structures and equipment wouldn’t be nearly as advanced. And without simple but impactful components like flat washers, fastener assemblies wouldn’t be nearly as versatile, reliable, or strong. This is why choosing and purchasing flat washers deserves more thought than many people realize. However, OEMs, fastener distributors, and maintenance specialists with any professional experience are well informed on why washers and the choice of supplier do matter a great deal.


A flat washer source should be able to reliably fulfill the needs of its customers by offering a vast selection, which includes standards like USS flat washers and SAE flat washers, as well as specialty, custom, and odd-shaped washers. It should also be able to provide full traceability on raw materials and stamping processes to ensure all products are genuine and in compliance with all industrial and performance standards. It should also make the browsing, quoting, and ordering process simple.

When it comes to meeting all of these standards and more, Superior Washer & Gasket Corp. is proud to be recognized as the top choice. Customers that source their zinc flat washers, HDG flat washers, as well as other spacing devices, from Superior Washer are working directly with a U.S-based manufacturer. This means all washers, shims, gaskets, and other products are coming directly from the source.

Superior Washer & Gasket stands out for more than just its vast inventory of products and quality standards, it’s also greatly simplified the washer sourcing process in a way that saves time for OEMs, fastener distributors, and other professionals. Detailed information on washer materials, sizes, and other options is readily available online. Thousands of different products can be efficiently sorted and selected for a quick quote request. It’s also possible to submit custom order specifications and non-standard requirements directly through Superior Washer & Gasket’s request feature.

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