Timber Bolts Presented As Ideal Fastener For Marine Exposure In Online Guide


Joining wood pieces in marine environments calls for timber bolts. A new online resource page explains the capabilities of these fasteners sold in all sizes by Baco Enterprises Inc.

Baco Enterprises Inc. of Bronx NY highlights the capabilities of timber bolts on an online resource page. Builders researching their fastener options can learn about the traits of timber bolts that make them the preferred fastener for joining wood in marine environments.


Timber bolts have wide round heads with a low profile. The design distributes the pressure of the fastener connection and allows installers to forgo using a malleable iron washer. The rounded heads also have two fins on their undersides to grip wood. Due to the security provided by these fasteners on wood materials and their shape, they are also frequently labeled mushroom head bolts, dome head bolts, economy bolts, or fender head bolts.

To resist the corrosive wet and saltiness of marine applications, timber bolts are either made of stainless steel or they are hot-dipped galvanized. Builders who need timber bolts that comply with the A307 grade standard will find a large selection of sizes to browse at on the resource page. Baco Enterprises either directly manufactures or sources timber bolts from other manufacturers to maintain a large stock of timber bolts in many diameters, lengths, and thread configurations.

The publication of the resource page supports the commitment of Baco Enterprises to its mission of helping customers make the best fastener choices. The company offers a U.S.-based source for all types of fasteners beyond only timber bolts, including carriage bolts and anchor bolts. Upon request, fastener experts from the company can visit a job site and help a project manager make informed decisions about the right fasteners for every application.

Construction managers must make careful decisions about fasteners just as they do with other materials. Joints are only as strong as the fasteners holding them. In addition to strength, builders must consider exposure to corrosive elements and ease of installation. The timber bolts resource page includes a request quote link, and Baco Enterprises welcomes requests for proposals.

Complete information about domestically stocked timber bolts is published at https://www.bacoent.com/category/158/Timber.html

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