Expertly Engineered AC Induction Motors Available From A Trusted U.S. Source


A top-choice domestic motor producer has simplified the Induction motors sourcing process for aerospace, military, and industrial manufacturers and maintenance specialists.

When induction motors are needed for aerospace, defense, or industrial applications, they must perform without fail. AC induction motors are some of the most widely used types of motion control devices, partly due to their versatility, efficiency, and low maintenance. With various options for motor phases, speeds, frequencies, and performance capabilities, there are many parameters that must be considered before making a purchase. Then there is the challenge of identifying the right supplier. Although they can be found from many sources, buying directly from a trusted and capable induction motor manufacturer will amount to certain benefits.


These benefits include access to a broader selection of products that are made with higher-quality components, as well as customization options, and careful attention to individual specs. Whether standard or custom induction motors are required, the right manufacturer will make all the difference in getting a solution that performs as it should for a long and reliable operational life. Many experienced OEMs and maintenance professionals start and end their induction motor search by contacting ARC Systems Inc.

ARC Systems is proud to be recognized as a top choice of U.S.-based induction motor manufacturers. They produce an extensive range of one, two, and three phase AC induction motors for all types of applications. ARC caters to manufacturers, maintenance specialists, and other professionals who need high-performance motion control solutions, including those that are made to 400 Hz mil-spec and aerospace requirements.

In addition to complete induction motors, ARC Systems also provides kit motors, stator and rotor assemblies, rotor castings, and other components that suit the needs of OEMs. For induction motors that must be used in notably tough circumstances, special insulation and encapsulation methods, including potted coils, are available thanks to ARC’s unique motor manufacturing capabilities.

The process of browsing, selecting, and specifying induction motors through ARC System’s extensive online catalog is quick and easy. Custom specs can also be submitted through their online quick quote feature. More information is available at: 

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