Disturbance Switches Have Civilian And Military Uses According To New Guide


New multimedia resource guide at Dyifo discusses the uses for disturbance switches. Also known as vibration switches, these components improve safety and function in many types of equipment.

Engineers and sourcing professionals in the manufacturing sector have a new online resource where they can research disturbances switches. A multimedia presentation prepared by Dyifo delves into the capabilities and multiple applications of these motion-sensing components. The new page builds upon the other resources about switches that offer professionals clear information and access to specialty switch manufacturers.


Disturbance switches play an integral role in the function and safety of numerous military and civilian machines. Their mechanical systems monitor the position, movement, or vibration of a piece of equipment and activate a response according to their settings. For this reason, they are sometimes referred to as vibration switches. Their mechanical systems employ levers, weights, or springs to detect and measure changes in a machine’s orientation or other external stimuli. Motion sensor switches are also classified as disturbance switches. They use infrared light, radar, or microwaves to monitor movement instead of purely mechanical systems.

Everything from video surveillance cameras to munitions may require disturbance switches. For example, a disturbance switch could prevent accidental detonation of a bomb. Sourcing switches for defense purposes generally requires finding a manufacturer that can build them from materials that meet military manufacturing specifications.

In civilian settings, disturbance switches also improve safety. They typically shut off a piece of equipment if vibration or position exceeds certain parameters. This makes them important for monitoring the operation of machines and halting activity before catastrophic damage or injury occurs.

Manufacturers can design and construct disturbance switches to fulfill many applications. Generally, they are designed to keep a circuit open until a triggering event, like excessive movement, causes the switch to close the circuit and activate the desired response.

Standard types of disturbance switches are readily available from specialty manufacturers. However, many companies may need custom switches, which would require working with a reputable custom switch manufacturer.

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