Tilt Switch Manufacturer Connects OEMs With Exceptional Quality Devices


An automated system is only as reliable as its components. This tilt switch manufacturer makes it easier to get high-performance switches for all applications.


Automation is shaping the world at a pace no one predicted. It’s changing all types of equipment, appliances, and systems, and at a rate not yet seen before. Although near-instantaneous responses feel like a very modern feature of most technology, components like sensors and switches have made automated systems a standard for decades. Today, devices like tilt switches are still used in all types of equipment.

Although they can be designed in different ways, using various components and materials, tilt switches respond to changes in angle, orientation, or tilt. When an object is moved beyond a certain angle, a tilt switch will detect that change and trigger an automated response within a system. This action, though simple, is highly effective for activating security functions, safety alarms, emergency alerts, and automatic shutdowns in all types of equipment, from standard household appliances to complex industrial, military, and aerospace systems, and more.

Since tilt switches are integral to a highly accurate response, they must be well designed and built using high-quality components. This is why the choice of tilt switch manufacturer matters so much when procuring these components.

For original equipment manufacturers who are seeking exceptional quality switches, whether they are standard tilt switches, adjustable tilt switches, tilt trim switches, or custom tilt switches, Select Controls Inc. is the leading source. As an experienced switch manufacturer, with an expert engineering team, they can meet just about any requirement for automated components.

Select Controls stands out as a manufacturer for their utilization of superior quality materials and efficient design, which facilitate switches that are highly responsive and resistant in just about any system. The entirety of their inventory is made using mil-spec quality materials. This means that all of their products, even those made for standard applications, will deliver performance and resilience that’s suitable for defense applications.

In addition to offering a selection of products that exceed standard quality and performance requirements, Select Controls has made it fast and easy for customers to submit their specs, get a quote, and place their orders. More information, and a comprehensive selection of tilt switches, is available on Select Control’s website: https://www.select-controls.com/category/14/Tilt.html

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