Tilt Switches And Their Uses Explained At Manufacturer Resource Page


Select Controls Inc. publishes answers to common questions about tilt switches to aid civilian and military manufacturers searching for technical solutions.

Military and civilian manufacturers depend on tilt switches to prevent accidents caused by machinery moving beyond its safe range of motion. Organizations researching tilt switches will find a useful resource at the website of Select Controls Inc. in Bohemia, NY. This tilt switch manufacturer places its inventory online in a searchable catalog and presents a Frequently Asked Questions section to address the major technical concerns of tilt switch buyers.


Tilt switches work by detecting problematic shifts in position and then triggering an alert or automatically activating a corrective response. Their applications are numerous. Items as diverse as loading docks, hospital beds, space heaters, and aviation equipment employ tilt switches to avoid potentially catastrophic failures.

The resource page explains that Select Controls makes mercury-free tilt switches so that manufacturers can use them in machinery and remain compliant with safety standards. Instead of relying on mercury, modern tilt switches contain a small ball that will open or close an electrical contact should it move out of the normal position.

Select Controls produces a full range of tilt switches, including micro, unidirectional, planar, and adjustable angle. Many items are in stock for companies in search of off-the-shelf solutions. However, Select Controls has the in-house talent and resources to work with manufacturers that need custom solutions. The company has extensive experience supporting multiple industries that need to design new tilt switches or modify a previous product for a new application.

In addition to discussing tilt switch angle sensitivity and angle adjustability, the company’s online product guide explains why Select Controls has become a respected source of tilt switches in North America. The manufacturer originally started as a supplier for the military. As a result, the company had to build tilt switches that could endure under demanding conditions and ensure safe operation of potentially volatile equipment and weapons systems.

This experience translates into quality for the civilian sector, which also needs tilt switches that perform exceptionally well. Standard and special order tilt switches are displayed at the resource page found online at https://www.select-controls.com/category/14/Tilt.html







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