Electric Motor Manufacturer Offers Guidance To Buyers With New Multimedia Resource


OEMs, maintenance and repair professionals, and even hobbyists can get the details they need on electronic motors and motion control devices. This new multimedia guide has been developed to aid the research and sourcing process, and also provides a direct connection to electric motor manufacturers.

Electric motors, in their most simple capacity, convert electrical power into mechanical energy or torque. How they perform this function can vary significantly from one type of electric motor to the next. Their components and design will further affect how they perform and determine where and for what purpose they are best used. Since there are so many factors to consider, it’s helpful to have the guidance of an electric motor manufacturer whenever one faces the task of choosing and purchasing an electric motion control device.


Useful details, provided directly from an electronic motor manufacturer, are now available on a new knowledge hub hosted on Yictic. OEMs, engineers, repair and maintenance specialists, and hobbyists, and others can find the information they need on all types of motors. This includes servo motors, induction motors, brushless motors, and similar devices, which are explored through a concise, multimedia resource. Additional details on motion control components like generators, winding assemblies, potted coils, and AC rotors are also featured.

These devices are vital to automated and electronically controlled applications. They’re essential for all types of industries, from defense and aerospace to robotics and commercial appliances. Identifying the most appropriate motor for a setting is no small challenge. Then there is the process of choosing an electronic motor manufacturer or supplier to provide them.

The new knowledge base on Yictic aims to aid professionals dealing with both scenarios. A combination of video and comprehensive PDF guides on specific motors and components can help to speed up the process for those who are researching essential information on these devices. In addition to aiding the research process, the knowledge base provides a direct connection to electric motor manufacturers that offer standard and custom products, as well as replacement motors, and motion control assemblies and components.

More information can be found at https://www.arcsystemsinc.com.

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