Container Cleaning Machines Explored in New Multimedia Guide at Dyifo


A multimedia guide online at Dyifo highlights how container cleaning machines improve productivity, ensure sanitation, and protect against product contamination.

Manufacturing managers who are considering adding container cleaning machines to their facilities have a new resource guide to aid their decision at Dyifo. The multimedia presentation about industrial cleaning equipment weighs the pros and cons of cleaning equipment versus manual washing or single-use containers.


Container cleaning machines are designed to quickly and thoroughly wash bins, buckets, and other containers. A processing plant or factory outfitted with bucket or container washers can achieve productivity gains by eliminating time-consuming hand cleaning and scrubbing. Additionally, companies can rely on industrial cleaning equipment to produce consistently sanitary or residue-free containers that maintain the purity of product outputs.

These container cleaning machines cut down on labor costs for manual cleaning that might not always result in completely clean surfaces. Manual cleaning also can expose workers to strong solvents, harsh cleaning chemicals, and hot pressurized liquids. Operators use computerized controls to initiate cleaning. Cleaning machines therefore improve workplace safety because they require little to no hands-on operation, which separates people from harsh sprays or fumes.

The brushes and sprayers for this type of cleaning equipment are configured to fit the containers precisely. This ensures that cleaners and rinses are focused within the container instead of spraying elsewhere. The machines can even perform drying cycles.

Multiple industries benefit from investments in container cleaning machines. Printing companies and producers of paint and dye as well as cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage processors frequently choose automated container cleaning. The washers may improve compliance with regulatory sanitation or purity standards on top of increasing facility efficiency.

Industrial operations currently using single-use containers but have the option to reuse containers could eliminate the expenses associated with single-use containers. Disposal of used containers requires paying for waste handling. Shifting labor costs toward production instead of container disposal often rewards a company’s bottom line while reducing environmental impacts.

Specialty manufacturers of container cleaning machines work with plant managers to build machines that fit specific containers and perform the desired scrubbing, spraying, and drying.

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