Solvent Distillation Reduces The Costs And Challenges Of Chemical Waste


For companies that must deal with the challenges of regular solvent use and hazardous disposal demands, the integration of solvent distillation equipment has become a high-value solution.

Printers, painters, industrial cleaners, and many other companies require solvents to carry out various operations. Chemicals like acetone, alcohol, turpentine, and others can be highly effective at removing viscous residues and stuck-on contaminants. While they facilitate a thorough clean, solvents will eventually become contaminated and unusable, at which point they will require special disposal.


Since solvents are potentially hazardous, they cannot be simply poured down the drain. Instead, they must be contained and collected for hazardous waste disposal or recycling. When companies are using industrial quantities of solvent on a regular basis, handling and collection requirements are often burdensome on labor, facility space, and safety operations.

To reduce these hindrances and also improve profit margins and sustainability, many companies choose to implement industrial solvent recycling systems. This equipment will reclaim cleaning liquids and other chemicals by separating suspended particles. This is carried out through the process of solvent distillation, and the results amount to far less hazardous waste and the ability to restore used solvent to a useable condition that’s comparable with virgin solvent.

Making a selection among so many different solvent distillation systems can be complex. Equipment units can be integrated into industrial cleaning systems like parts washers and drum cleaners, and they can be catered to large and small facility requirements. Without guidance, the sourcing and implementation process can be daunting.

Fortunately, a fully authorized distributor of solvent distillation systems has greatly simplified solvent recycling integration for all types of companies that use solvent for cleaning, extraction, and other purposes. NexGen Enviro Systems offers a complete selection of solvent recycling equipment, distillation units, and related machinery designed specifically for manufacturers, processors, cleaners, and other service providers.

NexGen Enviro has been providing solutions to large and small companies. Through the integration of a suitable solvent distillation unit, many companies have greatly reduced the amount of overhead they spend on virgin solvent, labor, liability, and third-party hazardous waste handling and disposal. They’ve also freed up facility space, improved the safety of their operations, and advanced the sustainability of their practices.

Solvent distillation equipment, when properly selected to the requirements and operations of a facility, delivers major dividends and benefits that easily justify the initial investment. NexGen Enviro is proud to offer the expertise that helps all types of companies realize these results.

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