Solvent Recovery Systems Provider Connects Companies With Sustainable Options


More companies have discovered the benefits of solvent recycling, including overhead reduction and improved safety. This authorized equipment provider makes the integration process easy.

Sustainability has become a critical concern for all types of businesses. More and more companies are looking at ways of reducing waste and their environmental impact. Moving in this direction can reflect very positively on a company and help give customers peace of mind when they choose providers of all types of products and services. Projecting this image can carry many benefits, but it’s not the only reason why more sustainable practices have become more of a priority.


For companies that work with potential pollutants and hazardous substances, improved sustainability and waste reduction can be major cost savers. Reducing the amount of waste created can save labor, liability, and overhead. And for companies that use solvents and similar substances, industrial solvent recycling systems are a viable and effective solution.

Solvent recovery systems consist of equipment that collects waste chemicals, cleans them through a process of solvent distillation, and makes them available for reuse at the front end of an industrial process. Since the vast majority of the solvent or similar liquid chemical is restored to a like-new level of use-ability, these systems will greatly mitigate the amount of waste that must be handled, stored, and collected as hazardous waste. Solvent recycling systems also save overhead by enabling companies to use recovered solvents for more of their operations, thus reducing the need for virgin solvents.

For a solvent recycling system to be effective, it must be carefully catered to the needs of an individual facility. Industrial cleaning equipment provider, NexGen Enviro System Inc. is proud to connect companies with automated cleaning and recycling machinery that fits sustainable business practices. Their machinery has made it possible for all types of industrial companies to reduce their reliance on third-party waste handling services, while also improving their profit margins, facility safety, and environmental compliance.

NexGen Enviro’s solvent distillation and recycling solutions can be fitted to the needs of companies that are large and small, that use a variety of different solvents in a range of quantities. Their experienced team is continuing to help businesses rise to the challenge of improved sustainability and also enjoy the many benefits that come from utilizing in-house solvent recovery systems. More information is available at:

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