Solvent Recyclers Reduce Waste Handling Costs As Explained In New Online Guide


On-site storage of waste solvents and transport are big expenses for industrial companies that can be reduced by the installation of on-site solvent recyclers.

NexGen Enviro Systems Inc. has published a new online resource guide aimed at environmental health and safety managers investigating the benefits of solvent recyclers. A video presentation, infographic, and written content explain how this specialized equipment recovers solvent for reuse and reduces the burden of hazardous material handling and disposal.


Solvent recylcers distill solvents used in industrial and manufacturing processes. The tank heats the dirty solvent until it forms a vapor. Vaporization allows for the separation of contaminants from the solvent. A condenser then draws clean solvent from the vapor while directing waste materials into a separate tank.

The advantages of on-site solvent recyclers are significant. Adding solvent recycling equipment to a facility greatly reduces the amount of hazardous material that a company must store and transport to recycling plants. On-site storage of large amounts of dirty solvent increases EPA liabilities for a company and also uses up space that might be applied to a profitable use.

Additionally, the waste solvent must eventually be transported off-site, which incurs more costs without any return. Hazardous material transport also creates the possibility of greater accident liabilities. On-site solvent recyclers reduce these expenses because only smaller amounts of waste materials require special handling and removal. The solvent recovered by the recycler may also be returned to the production system. This cuts expenses for solvents in the first place. Solvent recyclers have the ability to recover as much as 99 percent of each gallon of usable solvent that would have otherwise been sent to an outside recycler.

The use of solvents is widespread through multiple industries, including extraction, defense, manufacturing, printing, aerospace, automotive, and ship building. Companies can often select standard solvent recycler models and integrate them into their waste management process. However, customization of equipment is possible when working with a dedicated manufacturer of solvent recyclers. Available features include automatic waste discharge, continuous operation, and automatic waste solvent loading.

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