Solvent Recycling Benefits Many Industries Financially And Environmentally


Numerous industries rely on solvents for cleaning equipment but then must pay to dispose of the waste. Solvent recycling drastically cuts this expense.

The resources published by NexGen Enviro Systems Inc. of Lindenhurst, NY, inform manufacturers, fabricators, and production companies from all industries about solvent recycling solutions. Facilities in the public and private sector that use solvents, like acetone, acetates, alcohols, toluene, and xylene, face costly challenges when handling, storing, and transporting waste solvents offsite for disposal. Solvent recycling and industrial washing equipment produced by NexGen Enviro Systems greatly reduces all of these challenges while allowing an organization to cut the overall use of hazardous materials and save money.


Solvent recycling equipment uses a distillation process to reclaim usable solvent from waste that facilities would normally set aside for disposal. The reclamation of solvent allows a facility to get multiple uses out of original solvent purchases and cut back on the overall amount of solvent used while still achieving the same purposes.

Due to the hazardous nature of solvents, they require careful handling and disposal in order to maintain safe environmental standards. At every step of the way, organizations must spend money on disposing of solvent. For this reason, the addition of solvent recycling machines to a production system reduces expenses related to nonproductive activities.

Upgrading a facility with solvent recycling machines greatly improves the efficiency of production. Money spent on solvents goes down, and the organization increases its return on the investment in solvents through multiple uses of the same product.
The amount of solvent waste that requires special handling and disposal goes down as well. A facility’s current costs on solvent disposal are lowered as a result.

Solvent recyclers can be integrated into an existing production system. They can be adapted to different industries and tailored to the numerous goals of small or large businesses. Automated features on the recyclers improves workplace safety because people reduce their interactions with hazardous materials.

As a manufacturer of solvent recycling and part washing equipment, NexGen Enviro Systems shares its expertise online to increase awareness of the environmental and financial benefits of recycling solvent.

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