Solvent Recycling Delivers Major Benefits While Reducing Labor And Liability


Solvent recycling capabilities solve many problems that are inherent to using alcohol, acetone, and other chemicals on a regular basis, which amounts to notable cost and labor reduction.

Sustainable business practices have become more important than ever before. Companies that utilize chemicals, solvents, and other potentially hazardous substances as a regular part of their process face many challenges in this regard. Whether used for processing or as part of a cleaning process, substances like alcohol, acetone, turpentine, and other solvents need to be specially handled, contained, and disposed of.


Proper use and disposal of solvents are costly but necessary. It requires labor, facility space, and special practices in order to avoid liability and maintain safe operations. For companies that are trying to reduce their profit margins without compromising their integrity, a safe means of reducing hazardous waste carries a lot of value.

Solvent distillation and part washers equipment provider, NexGen Enviro Systems is proud to offer such a solution. Solvent recyclers solve many of the problems that arise when contaminated acetone, alcohol, and other liquid chemicals must be contained and removed for safe disposal. That’s because the process of solvent recycling separates suspended contaminants from cleaning liquids, which can then be reused like new, out-of-the-bottle products.

NexGen Enviro is an authorized distributor of machinery made by the world’s leading manufacturers. They have helped companies across North America greatly reduce the amount of waste they produce, the overhead spent on virgin cleaning products, and the labor, liability, and management requirements needed for hazardous waste handling and disposal.

Printers, painters, manufacturers, processors, professional cleaners, and other companies that use solvent for any part of their process have found options among NexGen’s extensive inventory of equipment. Machinery units can be catered to the needs of small facilities that use relatively small volumes of solvent as well as larger facilities that need to recycle and reclaim chemicals on a much larger scale.

NexGen Enviro can readily serve companies that need a simple equipment integration where limited space and resources are required. They can also provide complex and fully automated systems that include hands-free loading and unloading, container cleaning and parts washing units, and solvent recycling that automatically feeds the front end of the process.

One of the most significant benefits of solvent recycling is the long-term return on investment. Savings in time, labor, facility space, virgin solvent, and liability, combined with better sustainability practices will justify the cost of solvent recycling integration and upkeep for many companies.

As an experienced provider of these solutions, NexGen Enviro Systems will extend its expertise to guide customers in their research and selection process. More information is available on their website:

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