Solvent Recycling Equipment And Options Explained In New Online Resource


Solvent recycling amounts to major assets in terms of reduced labor, overhead costs, and liability. Selecting the right unit requires careful consideration. This new info resource has been launched to help busy manufacturers who are ready to benefit from solvent recycling capabilities.

Solvent recycling can be a revolutionary capability for any company that uses some form of solvent or similar liquid chemicals in their process. The equipment that makes this possible will recover acetone, alcohol, and other liquids through distillation, which then enables it to be used in place of virgin solvent. There are numerous benefits that result from the integration of this machinery, ranging from reduced overhead costs to significantly lower potential for hazardous waste liability.


While solvent recycling machinery is designed to be very easy to implement and put to work, the selection process of individual units can be somewhat more complex. Solvent recycling units are not a one-size-fits-all type of machinery. They are meant to be catered to the needs of individual facilities and include many different features to suit specific processing needs.

When put to work, these capabilities will amount to seamless integration, but careful attention is needed during the equipment sourcing process. Fortunately, a new online resource has been launched to make this task much easier for busy manufacturers and processors.

Yictic’s new solvent recycling industry resource provides a comprehensive, video-based overview of solvent recyclers and available options for industrial cleaning and distillation units. This information holds a great deal of value for those manufacturers who need a quick primer on solvent recyclers and their capabilities. Yictic also provides an easy means of identifying authorized equipment distributors, along with helpful PDF-based fact sheets.

As detailed in the new info source, solvent recycling units can be a significant labor, money, and time-saving asset for all types of businesses. These benefits are more easily gained through a careful assessment of individual requirements, which can then be compared with specific unit features and capabilities. The newly launched information resource will efficiently connect manufacturers and processors with a money-saving, more environmental-friendly solution.

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