Brushless Motors From A Domestic Motor Manufacturer Provide Better Performance


For OEMs and maintenance professionals who are seeking motion control solutions, there’s one DC motor manufacturer that stands out as a source for high-quality performance in custom and standard brushless motors.

Brushless motors are revolutionary motion control devices. Because of their utilization of a solid-state electronics system, which eliminated the need for a brushed commutator, these motors are long-lasting, efficient, easy to maintain, and very versatile. They have proven to be reliable solutions for a broad range of industrial equipment and motion control systems.


Although DC brushless motors are readily available from many sources online, their reliability and longevity are very much dependent on their design, components, and manufacturer. This is why it’s so important to select the right provider.

Many original equipment manufacturers and maintenance processionals can confirm that a capable manufacturer of DC brushless motors is just a valuable as a high-quality device. For decades, ARC Systems Inc. has been proud to fulfill that role for its many customers in aerospace, defense, medical, transportation, and industrial sectors.

As a domestic manufacturer with in-house production capabilities and a diversely experienced engineering team, ARC is an outlier in providers of motion control equipment. They specialize in creating high-performance motors of all types, including small brushless motors for compact medical tools, large brushless motors needed for heavy equipment, as well as sensorless and sensored brushless motors that are made for complex technical systems.

ARC Systems’ capabilities and products have always been essential to high-performance industrial systems, but their offerings are especially in-demand now that long-lasting, extra resistant motors have become harder to source. They stand out for their ability to build custom and standard motors that provide an extended operational life with minimal maintenance demands. ARC Systems is still able to offer prompt turnaround and competitive prices while delivering exceptional value.

ARC Systems has also made it easier for manufacturers and maintenance specialists to save time in the process of learning their options and submitting their specs. A complete info resource and online catalog of brushless DC motors are available on ARC’s website. Visitors can quickly sort, browse, and select their choices from a vast range of products. Quote requests can also be submitted with ease. For more information, visit:


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