Custom AC Motor Generators Now Easier To Source From A U.S. Manufacturer


Trusted motor manufacturer meets the needs of OEMs who require domestically manufactured and expertly engineered AC motor generators. These devices can be produced to standard and custom specs.

When OEMs need to build closed-loop control systems for defense, aerospace, and industrial machinery and equipment, they must utilize the right components. This includes AC motor generators, which are vital to highly accurate motion control and power output. Similar to electric motors, these devices are paired with an electric generator, which gives them the ability to convert power frequencies, voltages, and phases. Whether standard or custom AC motor generators are needed, there is one manufacturer that continues to stand out among other providers.


ARC Systems Inc. is proud to offer a complete selection of AC motor generators that are expertly designed, engineered, and built by the same team that produces their complete inventory of motion control devices and parts. ARC specializes in manufacturing aerospace, industrial, and precision military motor generators that meet unique performance specifications.

OEMs continuously rely on ARC Systems for these devices because of the manufacturer’s approach to design, as well as their production capabilities, which include built-to-print manufacturing, custom component integration, and other services that few electric motor producers offer. As a U.S.-based electric motor manufacturer that can fulfill standard and custom requirements, they have become a rare resource for manufacturers and maintenance professionals who need high-integrity devices for all types of motorized equipment.

ARC’s high-resistance squirrel cage rotors, mil-spec quality components, and dedicated engineering contribute to generators that offer high-efficiency energy conversion. Their inventory includes 60 Hz. and 400 Hz. generators, drag cup motor generators, gearheads, and a range of complete devices and parts that meet a broad range of operational parameters, size requirements, and other needs.

Taking into account the demands of their customers, ARC Systems has made the motor generator searching and sourcing process fast and easy. A quote can be acquired quickly by submitting specs directly through their online catalog, The manufacturer also provides detailed information on their products and service capabilities through their website, which gives first-time buyers an easy method of determining whether ARC is the right source for their motor generators and motion control needs.

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