Domestic Spring Washer Manufacturer Stands Out Among Washer Sources Online

Spring washers are very similar to flat washers, which add spacing and distribute load within a fastener assembly, but they offer a few other advantages as well. Slight changes in their form and utilization of materials like spring steel enable them to act as a defective or locking mechanism.


These washers can deliver a lot of functionality and advantages in a very small package. They are added to many mechanical applications, including various industrial equipment, household appliances, and many commercial items like furniture with moving parts and sporting equipment. Spring washers are employed in such settings because they maintain flexible tension, which prevents loosening and rattling and maintains stability between joined parts. The result is a safe, secure, and well-supported overall assembly, but only when the washers are made to all necessary quality standards.

There are many sources for spring washers online, but choosing a supplier is not always simple. Since spring washers include a variety of types, such as wave washers, split washers, and Belleville washers, a capable supplier should offer an ample selection. It should also be able to ensure traceability in terms of material sources, production methods, and quality assurance measures. Doing so can mean the difference between a spring washer that performs reliably for many years and one that will fall short of the application requirements and need to be replaced.

This is why going directly to a washer manufacturer can save time and money, and also ensure optimal results for an assembly. Superior Washer & Gasket Corp. is proud to be recognized as a trusted and accessible source of spring washers and other spacing devices. All of its products are manufactured domestically, from the highest quality materials, and per rigorous quality standards.

Superior Washer & Gasket maintains one of the most impressive inventories among spring washer manufacturers. In addition to a standard stock of stainless steel and annealed spring steel washers, Superior Washer will also extend its custom manufacturing capabilities to meet special requirements.

Unlike the washers offered from third-party distributors and general e-commerce sources, all products from Superior Washer & Gasket Corp. are made in the U.S. Complete traceability of materials and manufacturing methods can be easily confirmed. Even with these added assurances, Superior Washer’s products are still competitively priced and ready to ship from its domestic manufacturing facilities.

The spring washer sourcing process is fast and easy. Quote requests and specifications can be summited directly through Superior Washer’s online catalog. More information is available here:


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