Electric Motor Manufacturer Connects Customers With Expert Engineering Team


The home page of the ARC Systems Inc. website presents the information that industrial customers need to know first when searching for standard or custom electric motors.

ARC Systems Inc. maintains its competitive edge as an electric motor manufacturer in a turbulent global marketplace. The company’s easy-to-navigate website offers quick quote service and presents it electric motor inventory in an organized fashion. The company is based in Hauppauge, NY, and operates a facility where design, engineering, and manufacturing are coordinated. This full integration of primary operations allows for strong customization capabilities that can meet the unique motor requirements of multiple industries.


Full integration of all components of electric motor manufacturing enable ARC Systems to solve problems for customers as rapidly as possible. The emerging issues that affect the company’s customers inform its design team and help it to stay on the leading edge of innovation in electric motors and other motion control solutions.

Customers have access to a motor design engineering team with experience serving multiple industries, including the energy, medical, aerospace, and food processing sectors. For over 40 years, ARC Systems has been a reliable partner when industrial customers need motors built to precise specifications. Collaboration with the design and engineering teams at ARC Systems results in exactly the motors needed by a customer.

Companies and government agencies in the market for standard electric motors may turn to ARC Systems for its domestic supply of motors. This electric motor manufacturer produces a broad range of electric motors, including brushless motors, induction motors, and AC generator motors. Maintenance professionals can rely on the company for replacement electric motors, winding assemblies, or rotor castings. The company stocks potted coils, low RPM high torque motors, and AC servo motors.

Originally founded as an electric motor manufacturer serving the aerospace industry, ARC Systems remains a top domestic source for high-precision and custom aerospace motors. Since 1967, the company has focused on meeting the needs of electric motor customers. Customers from this market frequently need to solve problems urgently when critical mechanical infrastructure, energy supplies, and aircraft safety are at stake.

Companies in search of a versatile electric motor manufacturer may browse inventory and watch an information video at https://www.arcsystemsinc.com/

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