Fiber Washers Present Non-Metal Option For Vibration And Moisture Resistance


The plumbing, automotive, and electrical sectors value fiber washers for their excellent resistance to vibration. Companies can buy them online direct from a U.S.-based manufacturer.

Superior Washer & Gasket Corp. of Hauppauge, NY, keeps a full size range of fiber washers available to manufacturers and fastener suppliers by operating two facilities in the United States. The company’s website presents a direct-to-consumer experience that supports efficient ordering for OEMS, fastener distributors, and other industrial customers. The product catalog also includes a form for the submission of custom orders.


Fiber washers are sought out for industrial and commercial applications that require an insulated spacing solution in fastener assemblies. Manufacturers and maintenance companies often need a consistent supply of fasteners, like fiber washers, that arrive in a timely manner. As a domestic fastener manufacturer, Superior has built up its U.S.-based resources to meet demand and ensure high product quality.

Superior Washer has a customer service team that can communicate quickly with industrial companies and ship orders rapidly. Company representatives may be contacted by telephone or email. Across two plants, the company operates over 100 power presses and has over 20,000 square feet of raw materials at its disposal.

Superior Washer & Gasket possesses a certification as an ISO-9001 manufacturer. Machinists stamp fasteners from multiple types of materials in all standard shapes and sizes. Additionally, the in-house specialists at Superior are prepared to fulfill custom fastener orders for companies that may require specialty sizes or large quantities.

Fiber washers are known as an optimal choice when vibration and compression resistance are priorities. The automotive industry frequently needs to build fastener assemblies that can withstand vibration. Overall, manufacturers choose fiber washers when a metal flat washer could be problematic. For example, the plumbing industry frequently uses metal alternatives due the issue of moisture exposure on equipment and fixtures. Fiber washers are also suitable in many electrical, aviation, and heating applications.

Superior keeps most of the fiber washers needed by these industries in stock. The company boasts an inventory of over 1 billion standard washers and 370,000 special size parts. The online catalog allows website visitors to identify in-stock items and place orders immediately or request a quote.

The company’s complete fiber washer inventory is found online at


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