Leading Flat Washer and Small Stampings Manufacturer Marks 50 Years Of Service

US-made washers and small stampings are just the start of Superior Washer’s story. The manufacturer is proud to celebrate 50 years of serving OEMs, fastener distributors, and industrial producers.

In 1972, a New York manufacturer opened its doors to serve the needs of the industrial manufacturing market. With just three power presses and 2,800 square feet of facility space, Superior Washer & Gasket Corp. went to work creating the flat washers, gaskets, and shims that are essential to so many systems and applications.


The company’s impeccable dedication to its customers’ requirements and the quality of their stampings, led to solid growth and a strong reputation. Decades on, this continues, as Superior Washer & Gasket goes on serving fastener distributors and original equipment manufacturers that demand exceptional quality. Today, the company is exceedingly pleased to mark 50 years in operation.

Five decades of service and reliability have made Superior Washer & Gasket a staple for many industrial producers and suppliers. Through the implementation of specially developed quality control procedures, state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, and Super Premium Delivery, among other capabilities, the company has created a unique standing as a U.S.-based manufacturer and small stamping provider.

The expansion of their capabilities now includes 140 power presses and 105,000 square feet of production space in two manufacturing facilities. Tens of thousands of square feet of raw material, an in-house tool and die shop, and rigorously maintained manufacturing qualifications are integral to their operations. These and other assets have enabled the company to offer an impressive and diverse selection of products, which meet standard, specialty, and custom needs, as well as mil-spec and aerospace requirements.

The manufacturer has set itself apart through the right combination of consistency and agility. Their services and products have remained reliable and in line with the expectations of their customers. In addition, Superior Washer has evolved much over the years and continuously developed practices that save its customers time, cost, and energy at all stages of the process, from the initial quote to order fulfillment.

Superior Washer’s longevity is owed to the many loyal customers who have chosen the manufacturer for more than products, but also personalized service and a commitment to excellence.

Continued growth and achievement would not be possible without Superior Washer’s dedicated team of employees. From the specialists who address individual customer needs, questions, and quote requests, to the machinists who produce thousands of washers, shims, and gaskets every day, its workers are the core of its success.

50 years in service is a proud milestone in Superior Washer & Gasket Corp.’s rich history of dedication, quality, and innovation. The company aims to continue on this path of excellence and is pleased to thank all of the customers and team members who have made this achievement possible.

For more information on Superior Washer & Gasket Corp. capabilities, selection, and services, visit superiorwasher.com.

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