Replacement Electric Motors From Domestic Manufacturers Compete on Quality


A newly published multimedia guide explains how companies can quickly source high-quality replacement electric motors from U.S. specialty manufacturers in small quantities.

A new multimedia guide presents solutions for maintenance professionals in urgent need of replacement electric motors for elevators or other infrastructure applications. Motors made in the U.S.A. are available in single or small quantities from domestic manufacturers capable of producing reliable, high-performance electric motors. Domestic manufacturers, like ARC Systems Inc. that published the guide, exist to solve problems that arise when electric motors within vital equipment fail.


Multiple challenges confront maintenance teams in the oil field, railroad, industrial, aerospace, defense, and building maintenance sectors when a motor dies. Electric replacement motors may not be available at all due to their age. Even if they can be made, the original manufacturer may require a large-quantity order. OEMs often lack the capacity to produce the needed motors, or they cannot economically accept small orders because they do not fit the business models of such companies.

Domestic manufacturers of electric replacement motors have the capacity to build single motors or small quantities according to customer specifications due to modern manufacturing methods. Automatic CNC machines, laser cutters, and 3D printing enable specialty manufacturers to build new motors rapidly. These technological advances overcome the limitations of traditional manufacturing methods that involve dies and castings. The legacy systems are meant for manufacturing large quantities to recoup the necessary investments in tooling and lengthy lead times.

Overseas manufacturers attempting to fulfill the market niche for electric replacement motors fail to offer good value due to lower quality. Reputable domestic manufacturers use high-grade materials that increase fire resistance. Additionally, working with a U.S.-based manufacturer of replacement electric motors allows for close collaboration. Maintenance departments can easily communicate their motor specifications and obtain motors that will perform under demanding conditions, such as water submersion or high-vibration environments.

The multimedia guide highlights the multiple advantages of working with a domestic motor manufacturing company. A specialty producer can often match an OEM part number and build a replacement quickly. This service greatly reduces downtime for maintenance teams that must get critical systems running again.

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