Rubber Washers And Material Choices Explained In New Multimedia Resource Guide


OEMs searching for rubber washers to meet specific applications can now refer to an online resource guide that describes the capabilities of neoprene, Buna N, and silicone washers.

Original Equipment Manufacturers and other industrial companies in search of rubber washers may consult a new online resource to learn more about their options. Produced by Superior Washer & Gasket Corp., the multimedia presentation describes the materials and different applications for rubber washers. A video and a Frequently Asked Questions section provide details to help companies source precisely the type of washers needed for their products.


Rubber washers play an important role in securing fastener connections on equipment and structures. They cushion nuts and bolts from base materials and thereby make the connection resistant to vibrations or seal out moisture. Washers also maintain fastener tension so that the connection does not come loose over time. Different rubber materials offer different levels of performance. The end use for a washer determines the ideal material choice. For example, silicone washers offer a food safe option for equipment that must meet FDA guidelines for food or medical processing.

Domestic specialty rubber and gasket manufacturers have the resources to make washers to custom specifications not available from standard washers on the market. Manufacturers can expect a broad range of material choices that include natural rubber and synthetic materials such as neoprene, Buna N, EPDM, and silicone.

According to the resource guide, neoprene rubber washers act as a general purpose washer suitable for many standard uses. However, if an application requires resistance to high temperatures, then silicone washers present the right choice because silicone can remain functional up to 500 degrees F.

When washers will be used in outdoor conditions, EPDM washers provide long lasting service even when exposed to the elements and UV rays. Washers made from Buna N, also known as nitrile, can maintain secure seals and fastener connections in greasy and oily conditions.

Manufacturers can refer to the resource page to discover the customizable options available for rubber washers. In addition to material choices, sizes outside of standard washer sizes may be stamped by a specialty manufacturer. Color options are also available.

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