Stainless Steel Washers From U.S. Supplier Searchable At Resource Page


Superior Washer & Gasket Corp. has built a searchable online database of all sizes of stainless steel washers. All washers are manufactured domestically.

Construction companies in need of stainless steel washers for building and infrastructure projects can check domestic inventories at a new resource page published by Superior Washer & Gasket Corp. of New York and South Carolina. Global supply chain troubles that have slowed imports have a minimal impact on the supplies at this company that maintains over 20,000 square feet of raw steel in most gauges and can boast a stock of over 1 billion washers.


All washers are domestically manufactured, and orders include a Certificate of Compliance. Onsite resources that include over 100 power presses and an experienced staff of machinists allow the company to keep full stocks of stainless steel washers, especially the high-demand products from the 300 series. Inventory currently includes 304L and 316L stainless steel. Manufacturing capabilities include fulfilling orders for washers made from 410, 430, and 440 stainless steel in a variety of thicknesses.

At its two facilities, the company stamps standard flat washers in addition to square washers, wave washers, and stainless steel finish washers. Quality assurance is central to the company’s operations. Customers may ask to see the company’s DFAR certification. All washers produced meet ISO-9001 requirements because many builders are contractually obligated to use compliant materials throughout construction.

Superior Washer quotes stainless steel washers according to ASTM A240/A240M standards. However, the versatile team welcomes any RFQ that needs alternative specifications.

Stainless steel washers are sought for their durability and cosmetic appeal. They have the strength to achieve necessary load distribution and secure fastener assemblies. The corrosion resistance of stainless steel supports many end uses where connections are exposed to the elements. The lifelong absence of rust prevents unsightly streaks that washers made from other materials may produce.

Superior Washer has built its reputation as a domestic supplier of stainless steel washers by providing construction and maintenance companies with fast service and attention to detail.

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