Switch Manufacturer Handles Custom Designs And Rapid Prototyping


Select Controls Inc. highlights its design and prototyping capabilities as a switch manufacturer at a home page that includes access to a huge switch inventory.

The home page of Select Controls Inc. of Bohemia, NY, introduces industrial customers to the company’s robust capabilities as a switch manufacturer. Website visitors can quickly drill down into the product categories that include acceleration switches, disturbance switches, tilt switches, impact switches, G switches, and crush switches.


The domestic switch manufacturer distinguishes itself as a source for hundreds of standard switches as well as a partner for industries seeking switch customization. Select Controls provides design and engineering services so that customers can obtain switches needed for their unique applications. The company’s resources include automated and semi-automated manufacturing and a testing facility. Customers can expect the company to complete prototyping. Switches can be produced in any quantity no matter how large or small.

Industrial customers in need of switches with very precise specifications beyond standard switches can evaluate the services at Select Controls from its home page. All product categories are accessible with a single click or tap, and the company can be contacted through the home page for fast quotes.

Both U.S.-based and international customers in the military, aerospace, medical, automotive, and other industries seek out the services of Select Controls. The quality control systems at the switch manufacturer comply with ISO 9001:2015. The culture of excellence at the company is sought out by customers that need switches that must be 100% reliable under the most demanding conditions, such as military safe arm devices and aircraft locating transmitters.

Since 1981, Select Controls has manufactured over 30 million sensors. The switch manufacturer supplies industrial customers with items like automotive tire pressure monitoring systems, cockpit voice and data recorders, and commercial anti-tamper, tilt, and tip detection. The sensitive electronic components within a disturbance switch monitor for movement in all directions on X, Y, and Z planes. Switches like this are needed in almost all equipment that must be prepared to react to changes in vibration or attempts at tampering.

As an established switch manufacturer, Select Controls has built a reputation for maintaining the highest quality standards and fast fulfillment. Complete information about the company is available at https://www.select-controls.com/








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