High-Performance Tilt Switches Made Easier To Source And Customize Online


Tilt switches are used to detect changes in angle and position. Whether needed for standard or high-demand applications, this domestic manufacturer makes the sourcing process fast and easy.

Switch and sensor technology has been essential to the advanced automated systems that are now found everywhere. By responding to a variety of forces, they make it possible to trigger actions, collect data, and perform other functions. Their capacity to do so depends on their materials, design, and the overall quality of their manufacture. Tilt switches, which respond to change in angle and position, are no exception.


Not to be confused with a tilt trim switch used on outboard motors, tilt switches are used in anti-rollover and safety systems, security devices, simulation and training equipment, and emergency shutdown mechanisms, among many others. These devices will respond when they are tilted or tipped past a preset angle.

While they are used in many standard capacities, sometimes more specialized, high-performance devices are needed. This applies to many tilt switches used in military, aerospace, heavy manufacturing, and industrial applications. In such cases, the expertise and capabilities of a tilt switch manufacturer will deliver the best results.

Select Controls Inc. is proud to be recognized as a leading domestic manufacturer of tilt switches that meet with all types of operational parameters, from simple to complex. They maintain a series of design, engineering, and production capabilities that accommodate all types of demands, from placements in standard commercial applications, as well as those that must function in very challenging circumstances and extreme environments.

Tilt switches from Select Controls stand out from other types manufactured by big-name producers. All tilt switches they produce are made with materials that are normally reserved for mil-spec requirements. This includes special sealing, along with highly conductive and corrosion-resistant materials like nickel with gold plating. These extra measures mean that switches from Select Controls will easily meet and exceed the toughest demands.

In addition to designing and offering exceptional tilt switches, Select Controls makes the quoting and specification fast and simple. Available options can be browsed and sorted by a range of switch parameters, making it easy to identify and get a quote on switches that meet exact requirements. Select Controls customers can also get a quick quote on tilt switches that must be specially modified or custom designed from scratch.

Select Controls’ full catalog of tilt switches and other automated devices, as well as detailed switch information and answers to common questions, are available online. To learn more, visit: https://www.select-controls.com/category/14/Tilt.html.







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