Best Trading Turrets Explained in New Video That Outlines Options and Standards


Financial institutions require security, versatility, and expandability from telecommunication systems. A new online video outlines the core standards of the best trading turrets.

A new video published by Market Communications explains the standards the company applies when proposing the best trading turrets to clients. Flexibility, speed, security, and reliable connectivity represent the top priorities for trading turrets installed for financial institutions, trading firms, hedge funds, health care institutions, and other commercial firms.


The video which can be found on a new resource called Dyifo, details how the assessment of a client’s need starts with identifying the institution’s primary goals. After that, the specific end-use needs to refine the assessment and point to optimal trading turrets to meet a company’s macro and micro goals. While taking immediate needs into account, trading turrets should also have the capacity to accommodate growth with ease.

Trading turrets can include many features and hardware accessories. Companies that use trading turrets must consider choices related to buttons, speaker channels, microphones, headsets, and handsets.

Other challenges faced by firms that use trading turrets include office relocation, telecommunication system upgrades, compliance, and recorder tape recovery. Additionally, technological solutions are often needed to manage the end of life (EOL) or end of service (EOS) of an outdated system.

Market Communications serves a global clientele from offices in Chicago and New York. To address the diverse technical needs within the financial and health care sectors for trading turrets, the company partners with a network of leading technology providers. This network that the company has cultivated since 1998 connects clients with a range of advanced technologies. These resources allow companies to avoid restricting their options to a single provider and instead design the best system from what is available globally.

As a result, Market Communications offers companies a variety of trading turret solutions, including hosted trader voice turrets or turrets installed on the premises. Whether a company needs voice, dial tone, telephones, recording systems, or compliance tools, Market Communications can design a system that supports any goals.

Although these complex issues require extensive consideration, the new video supplies companies with an immediate way to evaluate options for trading turrets.

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