Nice Call Recording And Customization Explained In New Online Resource Guide


Market Communications, a leading provider of technology solutions for financial firms, explains on its new resource page the capabilities of Nice call recording systems.

Market Communications offers Nice call recording solutions within its full suite of VoIP technology solutions for global companies. A new online resource presented by the company outlines the robust capabilities of this software for professionals who need to improve their call recording and logging systems. Firms and public agencies that must meet stringent regulations for communications tracking, management, and storage need reliable and versatile audio communications recording. NICE recorders possess the features capable of maintaining regulatory compliance and allow for integration with other recording infrastructure within an organization.

Financial firms have long turned to Market Communications for expertise with the installation of high-quality communications systems for mission-critical activities. Nice call recording products run on an open software architecture that firms can use to upgrade their existing call centers.

Ideally suited to trading floor applications and desktop recording, NICE recorders come with many important options. Trading floors can depend on the equipment for onsite trading floor recordings or in-the-cloud recordings. The free seating option will identify the Turret and channel that any individual trader is using for communication. Remote monitoring and long-term recording storage represent additional options often highly desired by financial firms.

Two distinct products are NICE Compliance and NICE Trading Replay Authorization. Compliance recording automatically records and retains all communications. This provides a company with the ability to fully meet regulations. With NICE Trading Replay Authorization, companies gain a customizable system that can adapt to the current workflows at individual organizations. Multiple options for approval and playback allow clients to achieve continual recording while meeting their business objectives. The approval hierarchy of a firm’s existing system can connect with NICE call recording via Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).

The engineering staff at Market Communications prepared the resource page about Nice call recording to highlight its importance as a possible solution for financial environments. Market Communications draws upon the best available technology to tailor ideal solutions for clients.

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