Trading Turrets And Other Communications Options Explained In New Industry Source


Trading turrets can be complex by nature of their many features and their high-volume call handling functionality. Fortunately, a new resource is available to help streamline the turret research process and provide guidance on the transition from hardware-based systems to hosted platforms.

Trading turrets are very sophisticated pieces of communication hardware. Their capabilities enable stock traders, bankers, finance managers, and other professionals to efficiently manage fast-paced, multi-line communication sources. These solutions can be quite complex, especially as technology has broadened all available options.


For many who are seeking a fast and reliable approach to management, maintenance, and upgrade of a turret system, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Fortunately, Dyifo has made it easy to streamline the research and decision-making process by offering a newly-launched trading turret information resource.

Trading turrets, as a type of communication hardware, will carry a number of complexities, which are inherent to the features and functionality. This is why careful consideration of capabilities and evaluation of operational requirements are needed to gain the best possible performance from a turret system. To add to the complication is the increasingly common transition from desktop or hardware-based dealer boards to software and cloud-based turret-as-a-service or TaaS options.

While both hardware and software-based options fulfill the needs of traders, brokers, and other users who must handle high-volume calls, moving forward with the right option requires some basic understanding of trading turrets.

The new Dyifo resource has been specially built to help those seeking turrets and associated services and solutions. This resource will enable them to gain the knowledge they need in less time thanks to the inclusion of informative videos, explanations of common turret features and capabilities, and more.

The resource also provides guidance on what can be done to ease the transition from a hardware-based dealer board to a hosted trader platform. To provide further benefit for those seeking a more robust and reliable trading turret solution, Dyifo has also made it easy to connect with providers of trading floor turret management services and hosted trader voice platforms.

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