Trading Turrets As A Service Support Remote Access For Financial Professionals


Market Communications serves the financial industry as a manager of hosted trading turrets that offer versatile connectivity options and enable use from the home or office.

The financial industry continues to recognize the advantages of hosted, cloud-based trading turrets. Market Communications of New York and Chicago works on the leading edge of this emerging new standard for managing high call volumes across multiple lines. Market Communications serves a global clientele with fully managed, hosted trading turret solutions that are described in technical detail at the company’s online resource page.


Traders, wealth managers, brokers, and energy industry managers also know this technology as TaaS (turret as a service). Hosted trading turrets eliminate the need for an organization to make a capital investment in communications hardware and instead tap into a system with continual support from Market Communications. TaaS from Market Communications provides speed dials, private lines, intercom, barge capabilities, hoots, and eight to 24 speakers. Clients also have access to options like voice recording, search, and playback.

The company’s trading turrets guide specifies that the system can integrate seamlessly with three different Speakerbus endpoint devices. These are the iD808 iTurret, ARIA soft client, and SE708 ZERO8.

A key advantage of cloud-based trading turrets is support for remote access. With more professionals working in non-office settings, remote access represents a highly desirable functionality. Solutions from Market Communications enable access from the home, office, or any location with an internet connection. A WiFi signal or ethernet cable connection on a router, VPN, or LAN/WAN allows for connectivity to this mission-critical communications platform.

A second advantage is the ability to change and upgrade a system easily. Freedom and scalability are inherent features of the cloud-based technology. An organization that requires new features or a larger system only needs to discuss the specifications with Market Communications that can then activate additional capabilities.

An organization that chooses hosted trading turrets gets to focus its time and resources on its core profit-making activities. Internal resources previously dedicated to managing trading turrets are outsourced efficiently to Market Communications.

Additional technical details about cloud-based trading turrets from Market Communications are presented at


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