Trading Turrets Evolve Into A New Type Of Solution For Modern Traders And Bankers


Trading turrets are enhanced and upgraded into more robust communications capabilities. A hosted trader platform enables traders, bankers, and other professionals to boost their trading power.

On trading floors, in banks and wealth management firms, and other financial industry institutions, technology has changed the pace and practices of business. One major example is how trading turrets have evolved into the digital landscape.


Trading turrets, or dealer boards, are familiar to many stockbrokers, traders, hedge fund managers, and other professionals who manage multiple lines of communication. This telecom hardware enables visualization and prioritization of calls, rapid line switching, and other capabilities that are needed for fast-paced and high-volume calls. Although the capabilities of trading turrets are still needed throughout the financial industry and other sectors, they no longer require desk-rooted hardware or handsets.

Now, hosted trader platforms, also called turret as a service (TaaS) provide all of the communications capabilities of a traditional turret system but in the form of a digital dashboard. This solution is flexible, versatile, secure, and is in line with the changing technology demands of financial institutions, as well as utilities, call centers, and other organizations where high call volume and call prioritization must be managed smoothly.

Trusted communications technology solutions provider, Market Communications is proud to be recognized as a leading source for trading turret systems that meet modern requirements. They provide a comprehensive cloud-hosted trader voice platform that greatly enhances or replaces traditional dealer board setups.

Market Communications hosted trader voice solutions come from the world’s biggest and most trusted names in communications technology. They are a fully authorized partner, vendor, and maintenance provider that can assist companies with all types of trading and communications connectivity requirements. They simplify and streamline the process of identifying solutions based on existing infrastructure as well as a company’s current and future objectives.

Implementing a new trading turret solution through Market Communications hosted trader platform is simple and fast. A completed overview of their capabilities and services is available on their website, where visitors can efficiently submit their specifications and request a personalized consultation. For more information, visit: 


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