Trading Turrets Hosted In The Cloud Support Remote Access


Cloud-hosted trading turrets attract financial and energy companies with a versatile communications solution that works in the office or at remote locations.

A resource guide published by Market Communications based in New York and Chicago introduces IT managers to the benefits of Turret as a Service (TaaS). Traditionally, trading turrets represented a capital expenditure investment in hardware for a financial, energy, or risk management firm. TaaS provides a flexible alternative that allows trading services to scale operations as needed and access a full range of reliable turret functions on desktop computers and remotely.


With the increasing importance of remote operations within the financial industry, TaaS creates a significant advantage. Cloud hosting allows for trading turrets to be used from home offices or any connected location. All features work regardless of whether the connection comes through WiFi, a company LAN/WAN, router-connected ethernet, or a virtual private network (VPN).

Hosted turrets work in the cloud to deliver all necessary communication tools, including private lines, intercom, dial tone, hoots, recording, barge capabilities, and up to 24 speakers. Cloud-based trading turrets enable full management by a dedicated platform provider. Market Communications has the resources to ensure 24/7 support, maintenance, and performance.

TaaS trading turrets integrate seamlessly with three Speakerbus endpoint devices: iTurret (iD808), ARIA soft client, and ZERO8 (SE708). Optional voice recording may be activated, and clients can search and playback communications.

Hosted trading turrets still allow companies to pursue customized functionality that can be essential for maintaining a competitive edge. For example, the iTurret (iD808) can work with two handsets, a gooseneck microphone, and between eight and 24 speakers. ARIA Soft Client adapts to point-and-click and touchscreen devices.

This robust trader voice technology completely meets the needs of traders, brokers, wealth managers, and energy companies while sparing a company from committing IT resources to the management of on-site hardware that will inevitably require upgrades. For this reason, companies are shifting their trading turrets away from the Capex management approach to take advantage of the benefits of TaaS.

Additional technical details about cloud-hosted trading turrets are available at the Market Communications resource pageĀ


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