Will Biden’s Trade War With China Get Results?

In recent years, the United States‌ has engaged in a trade war with China,​ imposing⁤ tariffs on billions of dollars worth of‌ Chinese goods in an effort to address trade imbalances and intellectual ‌property theft.⁤ With the new Biden administration coming into power, many are wondering if his approach to trade with China will bring about different‍ results. Let’s dive into the potential outcomes of ⁢Biden’s trade policies towards China.

The Background ⁤of the Trade ​War

The trade war between the United States⁤ and China ⁤began in 2018 when President Trump ‌imposed tariffs ⁣on ⁣Chinese imports as a way⁤ to address​ what he saw as unfair ‌trade practices by China. ‌The Chinese government retaliated with its ​tariffs on American goods, leading ⁢to a⁣ tit-for-tat escalation ⁣that ⁢impacted industries on both sides.

Biden’s Approach to Trade with China

President Biden has taken a different​ approach to trade with China compared to his predecessor. While he has maintained some of‍ the tariffs imposed by Trump, he has also sought ⁣to ​engage China in dialogue and ‍work‌ towards ‌a more cooperative relationship. Biden has emphasized‌ the importance of addressing issues like intellectual property ​theft, forced technology transfers, and ​market access barriers through multilateral mechanisms such as the​ World Trade Organization.

Potential Results ‍of Biden’s Trade Policies

  • Improved Relations: ⁢By engaging in dialogue with China instead‍ of relying solely on tariffs, Biden’s approach could lead​ to improved relations between ​the two countries.
  • Progress⁢ on Key Issues: ⁤By working through international organizations like the WTO, Biden may be able to make progress on key issues like intellectual property‍ theft‌ and⁣ market access ‍barriers‍ in a more sustainable manner.
  • Economic Benefits: A ⁣more cooperative relationship with China could lead to⁤ economic⁢ benefits ⁣for⁢ both countries, ⁢as ⁢trade barriers are reduced and market access is improved.

Case Study: Impact on the Tech Industry

As an example, ⁢let’s look at the impact of the trade war ⁤on the ⁢tech industry. The imposition of tariffs on Chinese​ tech products by the Trump administration led to increased costs for American consumers and businesses. By taking a more‌ diplomatic approach, Biden may be able to ⁣negotiate trade ‍deals that benefit both the US and China tech industries.


While⁣ it is still early ⁣days for the ⁣Biden administration’s trade policies towards China,‌ there‌ is hope that his approach will⁢ lead to more sustainable and beneficial outcomes for both countries. By engaging in dialogue and working ​through international organizations, Biden may be able to address key‍ trade issues in a‍ way that benefits⁢ both the US and China in the ​long ⁢run.

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